Accessible Vehicle

RYDE Racine is committed to accessibility. Our Accessible Vehicles are an integral part of RYDE City of Racine’s public transportation programs. We offer paratransit and specialized Disabled passenger transportation services, ensuring that everyone can access and enjoy the benefits of RYDE Racine’s bus transportation services. Your mobility and comfort are our priorities, making your journey with us convenient and inclusive.
RYDE Racine Accessible Vehicles


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public transportation programs to service individuals using a mobility device if the lift and vehicle can physically accommodate the customer. All RYDE Racine and Dial-a-Ride Transportation (DART) vehicles are accessible and equipped with either a lift (paratransit) or a ramp (fixed-route) with seating capacity for up to two (2) mobility devices. Lifts and ramps may also be used by customers with limited mobility at their request. RYDE Racine fixed-route buses also feature a chime and light-up sign when a bus stop request has been made to accommodate visually and hearing impaired customers. These buses also feature reserved seating near the entrance door and must be vacated at the request of a disabled customer or customer requiring the use of these seats. RYDE Racine buses also “kneel” making it easier for customers when boarding or alighting the bus


All RYDE Racine bus operators are required to announce major streets, intersections and popular destinations along the route as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Customers may request that their specific bus stop is announced as a courtesy.


RYDE Racine and DART will honor and accommodate any reasonable modification to service. We will make every attempt to provide transportation that meets our client’s needs as long as the request:

  1. Does not fundamentally alter the service;
  2. Does not create a direct threat to the health and safety of others;
  3. Is not necessary to permit the passenger to use the services for their intended purpose (nondiscriminatory).

All reasonable modifications should be made as soon as possible. Reasonable modifications on DART should be made at the time of the trip reservation to allow for proper consideration and planning for such modification.

If you require reasonable accommodation, please notify your operator or call.

For RYDE Racine: 262-637-9000, for DART: 262-619-2438.

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