Reduced Passes

RYDE Racine Reduced Passes are designed to provide cost-effective transportation solutions. Discover the options available for reduced fares, ensuring affordability for seniors, students, and eligible riders. Explore these passes today and enjoy economical travel with RYDE Racine.
RYDE Racine Reduced Passes
Reduced Passes are available at the City Clerks Office, in City Hall and at RYDE Racine Administrative Office, 1900 Kentucky Street, and St. Mary’s Cashiers Office. Reduced Fare Application Click on link for application. Please have your doctor fill out the second page and return it to Bus Office, 1900 Kentucky St.

What else should I know about RYDE Racine Passes?

RYDE Racine Passes

30 Day Pass

You can use your 30 Day Pass for unlimited rides from the first time you swipe it and for 30 day after. 

RYDE Racine Reduced Passes

Day Pass

You can use the Day Pass for unlimited rides for that day. 

RYDE Racine Fares

Final And Revocable

All bus pass sales are final and revocable by RYDE Racine. 

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