Lakeshore Transit

Embark on a journey through the history of Lakeshore Transit, a cornerstone of Racine’s transportation heritage. Explore its origins, growth, and the enduring commitment to connecting residents to the beauty of the lakeshore region. Discover how Lakeshore Transit has played a vital role in shaping the local transit landscape.

Racine, WI, Lakeshore Transit, Douglas Avenue, Goold Street carbarn, WFNY radio ad, Don Hudson ad, October 10, 1962

On October 10, 1962 bus operation in Racine was taken over by Lakeshore Transit, Inc. The company continued to use the old TMER&L streetcar barn at the corner of Goold Street & Douglas Avenue as the base of operations. Lakeshore Transit also operated the Kenosha bus system and a bus connecting Racine and Kenosha along Sheridan Road.

Racine, WI, Lakeshore Transit, Racine bus station, 6th Street, Park Avenue, Don Hudson ad, 1968

A Lakeshore Transit bus still wearing the colors of Racine Motor Coach Lines passes Racine’s regional bus station at the corner of 6th Street & Park Avenue in 1968. A Wisconsin Coach Lines bus operating between Kenosha and Milwaukee pauses at the station.

Racine, WI, West Boulevard, Lakeshore Transit, Electroliner, North Shore last day, January 21, 1963
On the last day of railroad service, January 21, 1963, a North Shore Electroliner slows for a stop in Racine. Parallel to the tracks, a Lakeshore Transit bus runs south through the 600 block of West Boulevard in Racine. By the 1970’s the space occupied by the abandoned railroad had been filled in with new houses.
Racine, WI, Washington Avenue, West Boulevard, Lakeshore Transit, West Racine, North Shore last day, January 21, 1963

Lakeshore Transit buses connected riders with the North Shore RR. depot located just north of Washington Avenue in West Racine. The railroad was abandoned in 1963. The Racine local bus operation was sold in 1968. Both systems were owned by the Susquehanna Corporation. Charles Tauscher photo.

Racine, WI, Main Street, Lakeshore Transit last day, June 8, 1968
A Lakeshore Transit bus stops at the North Shore RR’s. Racine station passenger shelter located on West Boulevard. January 21, 1963 was the last day of rail operations. In an effort to raise more money, the bus company placed large hand painted advertisements on the buses. Charles Tauscher photo.
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