Flash City Transit

Delve into the vibrant history of Flash City Transit, a significant chapter in Racine’s public transportation story. Explore its inception, development, and the pivotal role it played in enhancing urban mobility. Discover how Flash City Transit has continued to serve as an essential transportation link within the community.

Racine, WI, Flash Transit, Monument Square, Main Street, Flexette, June 10, 1968

Passengers board a new Flash Transit “mini-bus” at Monument Square in Racine on June 10, 1968, the first day of operation. The clean, air-conditioned buses were the first major upgrade of public transit in 20 years.

Racine, WI, Flash Transit, Main Street, Flexette, 1970

On a summer day in 1970 transferring passengers had time to shop at dime stores and specialty shops in the 500 block of Main Street in downtown Racine. Flash Transit mini-buses stopped here to allow passengers to change buses.

Racine, WI, Flash Transit, Main Street, Flexette, WRJN radio, 1970

A Flash Transit bus passes through Racine’s Monument Square in June 1968. Passengers liked the clean gold and white mini-buses.

Racine, WI, Flash Transit, Main Street, Monument Square, Flexette, 1972

Flash Transit buses were repainted yellow and green in 1972. But the new look didn’t slow declining ridership. Flash Bus Co. was forced to abandon all transit and school operations after the school board awarded the RUSD school bus contract to another vendor in 1974.

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