Belle Urban System (the BUS)

Racine, WI, Belle Urban System, the BUS, Woolworths, Shorecrest Plaza, Erie Street, May 22, 1976
Faced with a complete loss of public transit, Racine voters approved a referendum in 1974 to adopt public ownership of the local transit system. On May 22, 1976 The BUS (Belle Urban System) introduced 25 new buses operating on nine routes at 30 minute intervals. On the first day of operation, a Route 2 bus waits for transfer passengers at Shorecrest Plaza at 3 Mile Road and Erie Street in Racine.
Racine, WI, Belle Urban System, the BUS, Racine Motor Inn, Monument Square, Main Street, May 22, 1976

A brand new Route 6 bus turns at 6th & Main Streets in front of the Racine Motor Inn in May 1976. Both sides of Monument Square were used as the main transfer point for eight of the nine routes. Passengers liked the new full-sized buses operating more frequently on convenient routes.

Racine, WI, Belle Urban System, the BUS, Main Street, Monument Square, April 25, 1997

Eight new RTS buses were added to the fleet on October 1, 1982 to cover the expansion of service to Regency Mall, Case High School, and the Sturtevant Amtrak depot. After the Venetian and Rialto theaters were demolished, clear bus shelters were necessary to protect passengers waiting outside from the strong winds blowing off Lake Michigan. This is a transfer passenger’s view of Monument Square, Racine on April 25, 1997. Keith M. Kohlmann photo.

Racine, WI, Belle Urban System, the BUS, Monument Square, Main Street, April 25, 1997

The use of Monument Square continued to evolve with downtown redevelopment. During the construction of the Johnson Bank Building on Main Street, the transfer point for all BUS passengers was moved away from Monument Square on Main Street to State Street, which eventually allowed passengers to wait indoors between buses. April 25, 1997. Keith M. Kohlmann photo.

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